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Second Grade websites


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Keyboarding Boot Camp





August Focus: Students will learn lab rules, review vocabulary, practice mouse and keyboarding skills and get to know each other with Wordle. We will also be practicing our keyboarding skills.

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September Focus: Create! Students will use their word processing skills to create different projects using, Story Maker, Build Your Wild Self, Microsoft Word, Kid Pix and Tux Paint.  We will continue working on our math facts using Big Brainz.

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Happy Fall Intercession 


balloons.jpg     hot-air-balloon6.png    Special Shapes video

November 2016

Welcome Back! This month we will be introduced to excel by making gingerbread houses. When you are done making your gingerbread house, you can watch Richard Scarry's The Gingerbread Man. There are two parts. We will also work on our keyboarding and Thanksgiving activities.

gingerbread house.png      Turkey Trouble.jpg   History BYDK Thanksgiving SF still 624x352.jpg   Mayflower.jpg            thanksgiving-spot-the-difference.jpg

The Gingerbread Man - Part 1     

The Gingerbread Man - Part 2                      



Computer Science Week 

Students in grades K-5 will be exposed to programming and coding this week through the Hour of Code! This is an International program to promote computer science. Students will be introduced to how computer programmers solve problems and provide instructions to computers by participating in engaging activities online. While we will only have an introduction in the lab, there are many more tutorials online that your students can participate in beyond this event. Please click on the links  below to learn more.

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Computer Science


Welcome Back! 




Infographics and Keyboarding

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End of the Year!